LA City Council Votes on Increasing Speed Limits on More than 100 Miles of City Streets

December 12, 2018 - 8:12 am

(KNX 1070) - Some critics say the City Council's vote to allow faster driving just made Los Angeles a more dangerous place to live. 

The LA City Council voted Tuesday on plans to increase speed limits on more than 100 miles of streets, mostly in the San Fernando Valley.The decision to raise speed limits in order to legally write more tickets isn't going over well with Sheppard Kaufman, vice president of the Woodland Hills-Warner Center neighborhood council.

"When you are at a point where people are asking for motorcycle officers, asking for people to write tickets, then we are at a tipping point because nobody is looking to get a speeding ticket," he told Brian Ping.

You need more enforcement to write more tickets, and he says that's an issue.

"There is potentially a lack of resources that actually do the radar enforcement so what we would like to know is are the enforcements ready?" he asked.

Kaufman says it's a slippery slope. 

You'll still have drivers going about fifteen miles over the limit -- making them all the more dangerous now that the limit is higher.
Officials say the increases are needed to allow cops to crack down on speeding using radar guns.

The vote on speed limits comes as the city fails to meet the Mayor's Vision Zero plan to cut traffic deaths. 

KNX reporter Craig Fiegener:

A very quirky "decades-old state law" has led the Los Angeles City Council to consider increasing speed limits on more than 100 miles of local roads.

The dilemma stems from a California law designed to protect drivers from speed traps, requiring cities to post speed limits that reflect the natural speed of traffic learned through local surveys.