Jon Baird/KNX1070

Woman in Fishnet Stockings Distracts Security Guard During Burglary

The guard at a Beverly Crest mansion was lured out of his vehicle by the woman then zip-tied by four armed men.


BEVERLY CREST (KNX1070) - A security guard distracted by a woman in fishnets and skimpy shorts was overpowered at gunpoint early Monday by four males who then zip-tied him, took his weapons and burglarized a multi-million dollar home in the Beverly Crest area of West Los Angeles.  

The guard was in his vehicle outside the home when the woman sauntered up in fur, fishnets, and short shorts, LAPD’s Norma Eisenman said.

They reportedly took guns, a knife and cash from him, but didn’t stop there. They burglarized the home which is reportedly being rented by a music mogul and took off in a black and maroon van. 

The five suspects fled the scene in a black and maroon mini-van with paper license plates. Nobody was hurt.