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Vice-President Visits Border Wall, Beverly Hills

Mike Pence spoke with Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol workers before heading to a fundraiser


LOS ANGELES (KNX1070) - Vice President Mike Pence visited the border wall construction in Imperial County Monday, about 100 miles east of where caravan migrants have gathered.

He's also spoke with Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol workers before heading to Beverly Hills for an event later in the day.  

Pence arrived Saturday afternoon for two political fundraisers and a private tour of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

Following Saturday's tour, Pence posted photos and comments about his visit to the laboratory on Twitter.

"Inspiring visit to Jet Propulsion Laboratory! Thanks to the team at @NASAJPL for your leadership in unmanned space exploration since 1957! Under @POTUS Trump, America is leading in space again!"

The visit comes one week before the launch of NASA's next mission to Mars, dubbed InSight, which is short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Godesay and Heat Transport. The mission will be the first to peer deep beneath the Martian surface, studying the planet's interior by measuring its heat output and listening for marsquakes, seismic events similar to earthquakes.

InSight will be the first planetary mission to take off from the West Coast, launching from Space Launch Complex-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc.

Pence is the chairman of the National Space Council.