Mountain View Police

Police Release Body Cam Video of Contact With YouTube Shooter

Officers found Nasim Aghdam asleep in her car 11 hours before the shooting.


LOS ANGELES (KNX1070) - The YouTube shooter insisted she wasn't a danger to herself or others. That's what was seen in body cam video, from Mountain View police, recorded just hours before the attack.

Nasim Aghdam was asleep in her car and in the video she appears sleepy, but otherwise OK. She tells them she doesn't want to hurt herself-- or anyone else.  They quiz her on why she left San Diego. She says she wanted out of San Diego, wanted to start fresh-- something new with "no memories from past."  The question of whether or not she had a weapon was never asked. That was about 1:40 a.m. April 3. Eleven hours later she opened fire at YouTube.