Randy Kerdoon

KNX 1070 Entertainment Reporter Tom Hatten Dies at 92

March 18, 2019 - 9:04 am

A longtime voice here on KNX and a face on local television has passed away.

Tom Hatten is dead at the age of 92.

Tom Hatten was entertainment in Los Angeles from his early days just out of the Navy, to the Pasadena Playhouse, to acting gigs around the country.

You may remember his longtime stint as host of the Family Film Festival every weekend on KTLA or his daily entertainment reports and Oscar coverage on KNX.

His partner of 50 years, Pete Menifee, tells KNX he loved working at KNX but hated computer:

"The only thing he had a problem with at KNX was he was computer illiterate," Pete said.

That's something his KNX Oscar co-host Diane Thompson confirmed.

"Tom had an electric typewriter and he would write his script every day from his electric typewriter while the rest of us were using computers. He said that's the way he wanted to do it," she sai.d

Hatten died of natural causes in his sleep.

He will be interred in his family plot in Idaho, but will always be remembered in Hollywood for his radio reports, his films and his TV roles too.

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