Margaret Carrero

Giant Orange 'Baby Trump' Balloon Flies Over Downtown LA

October 19, 2018 - 8:59 am

(KNX 1070) - Brace for a bizarre sight in downtown Los Angeles on Friday morning.

The 'Baby Trump' balloon, seen at protests in London, will fly over the 110 and 10 interchange outside the Convention Center.

It's full of hot air and it lifted off next to the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles Friday  morning.

It's to promote the Politicon convention this weekend, and co-founder Simon Sidi tells KNX he's with the workers getting it ready, as of Friday morning.

KNX reporter Margaret Carrero:

Politicon founder Simon Sidi told KNX it's meant to be fun, not offensive.

This is the fourth year of Politicon, a kind of Comic-Con for politics that brings together speakers from both the right and the left.

Among those appearing on Saturday and Sunday at the convention include Ann Coulter, Kathy Griffin, Michael Avenatti and Carter Page.

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