FBI Helps Investigation into Threats of Mass Shooting Received by Cal State Northridge

December 12, 2018 - 11:09 am

(KNX 1070) -  Threats of deadly violence essentially shut down Cal State Northridge today.

The campus police chief says the FBI is helping with the investigation.

Final exams get underway Wednesday and there will be stepped-up police presence following the discovery of two threats of a mass shooting on campus. 

CSUN police have stressed that there is no imminent threat at the campus, which will remain open. 

But the university has directed faculty to look at alternative format options for exams - to accommodate students who are not comfortable being on campus.

A big investigation is ongoing on at Cal State Northridge as police try to track down the person threatening to shoot up the school campusin two separate incidents.  For the second time in less than a week, Cal State Northridge is being threatened with a mass shooting. 

For now, Cal State Northridge students will not have to go to campus Wednesday to take their final exams. 

On Tuesday, the President of Cal State Northridge, Dianne F. Harrison, told students and families in a letter that was posted on Twitter that "We are instructing all faculty who have examinations on December 12 to provide alternative examination options for their students that would not require students to be physically present on campus Wednesday. Faculty will be communicating specifics with students."

The School police chief Anne Glavin tells KNX the university is open with a beefed-up police presence all week long.

Some students applauded the move although the campus itself will remain open.  Others think that’s a mistake.

CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin raised the possibility of somebody making the threats to get out of final exams. She noted the first of the two threats was scrawled on a bathroom wall last week. She says the two threats did not appear to be written by the same person. 

This threat is in the form of an expletive-filled letter making the rounds on social media.

The person who wrote the letter said a student at Northridge Academy High School, which is adjacent to Cal State, would carry out a mass shooting at that school the same day.

Read the blurred out letter below:

Students are frightened by the threats to the campus on Dec. 12 and reporter Jon Baird spoke to one student:

Last week, Cal State Northridge received its first threat of a ‘mass shooting’ on campus. The threat was discovered on the wall of a men's restroom in one of the buildings at Cal State Northridge's campus, written in blank ink and warned of a mass shooting at Sierra Hall at 12/12/18.

Also drawn next to the message was a swastika.

Students said they didn't think it was funny. Some students were questioning whether they'd be on campus Wednesday because that's when the fall semester finals happened.

The school says they will go on as scheduled and the school police chief, Anne Glavin, says they are investigating who is behind the message. She also released a statement last week

President Dianne F. Harrison released a statement last week: