EXCLUSIVE: New LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore Talks Use of Force & Immigration

June 13, 2018 - 10:54 am

(KNX1070) -- Longtime LAPD veteran Michel Moore is about to become the next chief -- amid times of major controversy when it comes to officers using deadly force.

The incoming chief fired his weapon in the line of duty twice in his first few years on the force.  He tells KNX it'll serve as valuable experience as he deals with his own officers opening fire.

Chief Moore tells KNX In-Depth despite their best efforts, the need to use deadly force will inevitably occur.

The controversial deadly shootings of suspects, particularly those of color, is seen by many as the biggest issue confronting the new chief.

Moore talks also spoke with our InDepth team about immigration. He says he wants citizens in Los Angeles to understand that when it comes to their status, that's a federal government matter, but when it comes to their personal safety, it's an LAPD matter.