Committing a Crime in LA with a Gun Will Now Carry More Time

September 13, 2018 - 1:52 pm

(KNX 1070) -- Do a crime with a gun in Los Angeles County and you can count on serving a full sentence for that crime in the County Jail.

Sheriff Jim McDonald is laying out new rules on which inmates will be held for longer terms.

The change in protocols involves the adding of 50 charges to ones already in place where a  gun was possessed or was a part of a crime like carjacking, kidnapping, domestic violence or assault, the person convicted will have to do 100 percent of that gun sentence in the County Jail.

The sheriff doesn’t believe this will lead to overcrowding of the local jail system

McDonnell feels its important to make it clear to those who use guns in crime....or make a criminal threat and have access to or possession of a gun....that they will be held to account by the justice system...and the public will be safer as a result.