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Campaign Donors for LA Councilwoman Called to Testify Before Another Grand Jury

September 10, 2018 - 3:00 pm

(KNX 1070) - It appears questions about campaign donations received by Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nury Martinez have prompted another grand jury investigation.

KNX  reached out to Councilwoman Nury Martinez for comment. 

A Martinez spokesperson said the councilwoman was unavailable for comment Monday. Martinez said in a statement, "I have not heard from the District Attorney's office."

The Los Angeles Times reports a focus of both the federal and county grand jury investigations may be whether fraudulent $5 donations may have been used to help Martinez qualify for tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer "matching funds" for her 2015 re-election campaign.

Loyola Law professor and former LA City Ethics Commission president Jessica Levinson spoke to KNX reporter Claudia Peschiutta:

A U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman declined to reveal any details on the status of the federal probe.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney's office said only that they've received "complaints" regarding Martinez and "they are under review."

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