Karen Adams

Bird, Lime Clean Up Act in Santa Monica for Scooter Pilot Program

August 14, 2018 - 9:17 am

(KNX 1070) - Bird and Lime say they’re cleaning up their act beginning Wednesday to get back in the running to launch Santa Monica’s e-scooter pilot program next month.

A city staff’s recommendation to go with Uber and Lyft for Santa Monica ‘s program prompted Bird and Lime to disable their scooters for the day on Tuesday and rally outside of  City Hall before a council meeting.

Lime’s Scott Cubley and Bird’s David Sprada says they’re making changes beginning Wednesday to get back in the race.

The city planning director is going to decide August 30 which two companies will launch their e-scooter program. Deputy manager Anuj Gupta says council members took their hands off it. Online public comment is through Friday.

On Tuesday, the Bird company shut off its electric scooters in the city of Santa Monica. The move was in protest at city planners excluding Bird from a list of firms approved to start an official pilot program next month.

Scooter services run by Lyft and Uber were chosen instead.

Local resident Anatoly Petrov tells CBS-2 regulation is definitely needed:

Bird vented its fury at the city in an email to users calling for company lovers to attend a protest rally Tuesday afternoon outside City Hall.

Bird, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, blasted its rivals in a statement. The company says that giving Uber and Lyft control of sustainable transportation alternatives is like giving Exxon and BP a monopoly on solar power. 

Santa Monica police have busted several people in the past during an electric scooter enforcement and education campaign.

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