Appearance of Endangered Seals Off the Coasts of Dana Point and Laguna Beach Alarm Scientists

May 06, 2019 - 1:00 pm

Marine experts say they're worried about the sudden appearance of endangered seals off the coast of Dana Point and Laguna Beach.

The concern comes because many of Guadalupe fur seals have been found emaciated, and six have died.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center CEO Peter Chang tells KNX it looks like the seals are searching for food.

"We've started to see them up north into the Channel Islands, but they're typically down south over by the Guadalupe Islands off the Mexican coast," he said.

Experts say all of this is part of an unusual ocean pattern off southern California this year.

Blue whales, which are normally about 300,000 pounds, have been spotted earlier than normal and have been thinner than gray whales, which normally weigh on average about 60,000 pounds. 

Chang says it's unclear what exactly is happening or why or how long this pattern will last.

-KNX 1070