Anaheim Police Department

Anaheim PD Arrest Man at LAX Suspected of Killing Girlfriend

November 02, 2018 - 7:25 am

(KNX 1070) -- Murder charges are expected to be filed today against a man Anaheim police say they caught as he was trying to flee the country.

Police have arrested Alhasan, 28, in connection with the murder of a woman he was dating and whose body was dumped in Anaheim. 

Investigators took the man into custody at LAX before he hopped on a flight to Jordan. They say Alhasan had a lot of luggage with him and probably would’ve been gone for good if they didn’t get to him in time..

Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said Alhasan had already completed his check-in to board the flight at the time he was arrested.

"Our background investigation has determined there are likely prior events of domestic violence and sexual assault that we need to track down," Wyatt says. He adds that detectives worked on the case for three days without sleeping to catch the man and they are asking anyone with information about him to come forward immediately.