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2,500 Naturalized Citizens in LA Investigated for Identity-Fraud

August 13, 2018 - 11:50 am

(KNX 1070) -- Immigration officials in LA are looking into 2,500 naturalized citizens and whether they should be stripped of their citizenship. 

The Los Angeles Times says the team is focusing on identity-fraud and willful misrepresentation. 

More than 100 cases have already been referred to the Justice Department. 

“We’re receiving cases where [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] believes there is fraud, where our systems have identified that individuals used more than one identity, sometimes more than two or three identities,” Dan Renaud, the associate director for field operations at the citizenship agency told the LA Times. “Those are the cases we’re pursuing.”

De-naturalization was once primarily used for human rights violators and Nazi war criminals. 

In late July, Mayor Eric Garcetti, and several other U.S. mayors signed a letter sent to the citizenship agency’s director, criticizing a backlog in naturalization applications (Los Angeles County had a backlog of 17,570 applications), and the agency’s commitment of resources to “stripping citizenship from naturalized Americans.”

“The new measure to investigate thousands of cases from almost 30 years ago, under the pretext of the incredibly minimal problem of fraud in citizenship applications, instead of managing resources in a manner that processes the backlogs before them, suggests that the agency is more interested in following an aggressive political agenda rather than its own mission,” the letter stated.

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