Woman Shot in 2017 Vegas Attack Has Died from Her Injuries

Rebekah Sager
November 19, 2019 - 9:10 am

Associated Press


More than two years after a gunman opened fire from a hotel window on fans attending a country music festival below, the death toll has risen to 59.

Kim Gervais was shot in the back during the  Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas October 2017. Her injuries during the attack have led to her death. Gervais was left mostly paralyzed. Her sister Dena Sarvela tells KPTV that the past two years have been very difficult. “She hurt. Even though she was paralyzed from the neck up, she could feel all the pain,” Sarvela said. “There was scrap metal still in her because he used exploding bullets.”

Gervais went to the festival with two friends and one of them was killed on-the-scene. She lost her husband in 2000, raised their two daughters and managed their small business alone. 

“She was ready to retire. Her and I spoke the night before she went to the concert. She was going to sell the business, she was ready to just go abroad and enjoy life, like she should have, and it was snatched from her. She worked her life, and butt off for – just to go enjoy, you know, and she doesn’t get that, she doesn’t get that chance,” Sarvela said.