Woman Recovering after Being Attacked by Tigers in Moorpark

KNX 1070
December 09, 2019 - 11:10 am



A woman, who runs an animal sanctuary in Moorpark, is recovering after she was injured by tigers.

The incident happened on Saturday at the Wildlife Environmental Conservation Inc. Sanctuary in Moorpark.

Wildlife Environmental Conservation Inc. Sanctuary is a nonprofit charitable organization that is dedicated to conservation efforts throughout the globe.

At an event to thank donors and supporters, Patty Perry fell after a Bengal tiger wrapped its paws around her legs and then another tiger jumped on her. She was playing inside the cage, according to a CBS story.

Her friend Michael Bradbury tells KNX this has never happened to her before.

"She does it, virtually, on a daily basis. She raised them from babies and it's a mutual love affair. She's gone in hundreds of times and this is the first time there's ever been an accident like that," he said. 

Bradbury says Perry had some lacerations on the side of her head and some puncture wounds on her neck but the injuries are not life-threatening.