Which of these SoCal Cities are the Best and Worst to Date in?

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November 12, 2019 - 5:46 pm



It's got beautiful mountain scenery,  lots of things to do,  and is a nice place to raise a family but Glendale is a terrible place to date, according to a city ranking by the website Wallet Hub. 

It placed Glendale 180th  in its study,  third from the bottom. There were a total of 182 cities.

Here's a list of all the cities.

The best spot to find a single person to date?

Atlanta snagged the first spot, then Denver and San Francisco. San Diego was in fourth place while Los Angeles came in at 7th place.

Certified dating coach Damona Hoffman says Glendale singles don't have to travel far for a better dating scene. 

But it's that drive that's the greatest challenge. 

Hoffman says a lot of people around here do not like to brave a long freeway drive for the sake of love.