WATCH: Chino Police Officer Gets Stunning, Slithery Surprise

Rebekah Sager
November 11, 2019 - 3:10 pm

A Chino police officer got the surprise of her life when a man she was searching had a little friend in his pocket. 

Wearing gloves, and going through the usual routine while searching a man in a cowboy hat on a rural road, the officer can be seen on bodycam video opening the man's coat when a lizard leaps from his pocket and onto the ground. 

“It’s a lizard!” the second officer who is there says, as the first officer laughs uncontrollably. “It’s just a lizard.”

The man being searched slurs his apology and tells the officer he'd forgotten about the lizard. 

“You got to let her know,” the second officer says. Advising the man that “Next time [he] let her know.”

She tells the man he nearly gave her a heart attack and then asks if he has "any other creepy critters" in his pockets. The man tells her he doesn't. 

“That is not cool,” says the officer, still laughing. “That is not cool.”

The lizard reportedly left the scene. 

“Lizard attack! Just another day on patrol,” police wrote on the video post.