Patrick Corbin high-fives Washington Nationals teammates in the dugout.

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The Nationals Had a Flight Delay From Hell and Barely Made It to Their Next Game

May 06, 2019 - 11:14 am

The 2019 season is feeling increasingly snake-bit for the Washington Nationals.

On top of losing two of three to the Philadelphia Phillies this weekend and missing half their lineup due to injury, the Nats' team plane had an engine issue Sunday night, stranding the team in Philadelphia through Monday morning with a game in Milwaukee scheduled for Monday evening.

It's been a rough last few weeks for the Nats, who are currently without Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon, Ryan Zimmerman, Juan Soto and Matt Adams and sit five games back in the NL East standings. The plane issues are just the cruel icing on a cake of terrible luck. 

At least MASN color commentator F.P. Santangelo was on hand to offer some much-needed humor and encouragement in the midst of a tough situation. 

The Nats finally reached Milwaukee around noon Monday, just seven hours before they're scheduled to take on the Brewers. 

By Josh Luckenbaugh