VIDEO: Whale Watchers Get Rare Orca Sighting Off Dana Point

KNX 1070
September 17, 2019 - 1:35 pm

Whale-watchers off Dana Point got an eye full Monday when they spotted a rare white baby killer whale swimming off the coast of SoCal.

Thrilled by a day at sea, tourists on the Dana Wharf Whale Watching boat were awestruck by a rare sighting that included an Orca calf with its pod.

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Todd Mansur is the boast captain. He and whale researchers who were on the boat think the so-called "ghost Orca" is about a month old.

No one knows why the calf's pigment is so different.

The only other known ghost Orca was seen off the coast of Canada earlier this year. Scientists believe the Orca was about a year old.