UPDATE: Air Force Confirms Weapons onboard F-16 Jet that Crashed

Ameera Butt
May 17, 2019 - 4:31 pm

An F-16 fighter jet crashed into a warehouse just outside the March Air Reserve Base Thursday afternoon.

An Air Force spokesman Friday confirmed there were weapons onboard the F-16 that crashed into the warehouse.

The plane was armed with weapons of war, likely two missiles and two bombs, and have been removed from the plane.

The pilot was from an Air National Guard unit in Fresno and ejected onto the airfield before the aircraft crashed. 

It's still unclear when the 215 freeway will be re-opened.

Earlier on Friday morning, during a press conference, a USAF official wouldn't say what was on the F-16 jet that crashed that’s a threat. The official said dangerous ordnance team is on the scene, but won’t say what they’ve done, or will do.

CBS News military analyst retired Major Mike Lyons tells KNX there may be reasons why the authorities are not releasing all the details:

"Perhaps, there might be something on there they want to verify. In all likelihood, it would have exploded upon impact, there are some trigger mechanisms that prevent that from happening, let's say, but perhaps they want to do a further investigation on it," he said.

Lyons tells KNX usually F-16s fly with inert missiles on training exercises.

Meanwhile, there is a large evacuation zone around the warehouse Friday and the 215 freeway is still shut down.

The military says it will stay that way until the jet's weaponry and ordnance could be rendered safe.

A fire official says it's "a miracle" there was no explosion.  Authorities say there aren't any major injuries.

The plane was carrying live ordnance, meaning the plane had live ammo onboard. 

Here is a video from Facebook user Jeff Schoffstall who was reportedly inside the warehouse 

No injuries have been reported to anybody on the ground or inside the warehouse.

Here are photos courtesy from Fox reporter Bill Melugin:

 This story is developing.