Trump Orders ICE Raids for Sunday, Immigration Attorneys in SoCal Say They've Already Started

Rebekah Sager
July 12, 2019 - 7:43 am



As President Donald Trump's administration orders a national sweep of undocumented immigrants in 10 cities to begin Sunday, a local Los Angeles immigration attorney says the raids have quietly already begun. 

An immigration attorney in San Diego released a statement saying that ICE raids began as early as Thursday. 

According to the email sent to KNX, "Mr. “Z” (name withheld) was arrested by ICE agents at his home and separated from his wife and three children early Thursday morning. ICE Agents threatened Z at his home, confiscated his personal belongings (including passports and important immigration paperwork), and detained Z for nearly ten hours at a jail like facility. During detention, Z was constantly told he would be Removed (Deported) because his B-2 Tourist Visa had expired. This was false -- as Z had two other legal bases to remain in the United States." 

"There's people that literally stock up like it was the end of the world, like 1999. I've known people that have stocked up with like hundreds of water bottles, just in case something terrible happens like right now, as they perceive it," a woman who works for an immigration attorney in Los Angeles said in an interview with ABC7. 

In June, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city would not cooperate with the raids.

“Los Angeles will always stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters, and our law enforcement officers will never participate in these actions,” Garcetti said.  “No Angeleno should ever have to fear being snatched from their home or separated from their loved ones — and we are doing everything we can to provide immigrant families with the information and support they need.”

The raids are expected to last for several months. 

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl posted a note on her Facebook Page listing resources for immigrants in Los Angeles. 

"The Los Angeles County Office of Immigrant Affairs has a host of resources to protect and empower our immigrant neighbors from these deplorable attacks.

Visit for more information, and please share widely."