The 'Subway Soprano' Who Sang in Viral Metro Stop Video to Get a Record Deal

Ameera Butt
October 04, 2019 - 3:08 pm

It's a tale of the "Subway Soprano." 

And how she may get a chance to turn her life around. 

Emily Zamourka, 52, sang Puccini at the Wilshire/Normandie stop.  

Now, she will perform at Saturday's festivities to officially open the Little Italy district in San Pedro.  Not only that, she could get a record deal.

Grammy-nominated music producer Joel Diamond tells KNX In-Depth he wants to sign her to his record label.

"Hopefully, we will create and produce a hit record for her. And also I think she has a dream and I want to be there to help her fulfill her dream about recording, about getting on the charts and having a major performing career," Diamond said.

Diamond saw the video like everybody else and he said "I had something in my gut that said 'there's something here.'"

Diamond says he wants to produce a record with Zamourka that will be a blend of classical and electronic dance music.

Earlier this week, Zamourka met the LAPD officer who shot the viral video in a heartfelt reunion.

Zamourka told the Los Angeles Times that she came to the United States at age 24 from Russia, where she learned violin and piano. She told the LA Times that after years of financial hardships and health issues, she became homeless.

She went viral late last month when the LAPD posted a video of her singing.

She will be singing at the opening of the festivities, which will go from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in San Pedro, according to a Daily Breeze story.