Sophie Turner Steals A Spoiler Souvenir From Game of Thrones Set

Jacquie Cadorette
April 14, 2019 - 9:32 am

Game of Thrones fans everywhere know that when a scroll pops up in the series, Sansa Stark means business. It’s probably the main reason Sophie Turner felt inclined to snag a scroll from the set of the show as they wrapped up filming the final season.

During an appearance on Good Morning America last week, Sophie Turner admitted that she swiped a scroll that appears on the show in the final episodes, and if anyone were to get their hands on it, certain details about the show would be absolutely ruined.

She even goes on to say, “It’s, like, a huge spoiler and I’ve just been carrying it around in my wallet.” Forget the risk of losing credit cards and IDs - Turner's got a priceless item on her at all times! 

She also revealed in the interview that fiancé Joe Jonas was on set so often, he actually had to sign an NDA and cover his cameras. He saw so much that it sparked a conversation about the plot, and he knows how the series ends, too

Despite remaining extremely tightlipped about the final season, the cast and the holders of their secrets have been constantly shaken down in interviews with fans trying to get their hands on any and all info regarding the last batch of episodes, but no one will even think about budging on revealing anything.

Looks like the wait for details is still on, but we’ll start getting our hard-earned plot points on Sunday when the first episode is available. All we know right now is that Sansa Stark delivers or receives some sort of important message by scroll somewhere along the lines – but we probably could have assumed that one.