Smooth-Talking Burglar in Custody - Police Confirm More Victims Coming Forward

KNX 1070
February 19, 2020 - 5:21 pm
Quentun Nakail Hubbard

Hollywood Division


A smooth-talking burglar -- whose prime targets were offices in secure buildings is now sitting in jail -- as the number of counts and charges against him are piling up.

As of now, Quentun Hubbard who used a stolen ID of a man named Gabriel Levi is facing at least four burglary counts and 13 Stolen ID charges over a two year period.

Hollywood Division Detective Brian Richardson says Hubbard time and time again told security guards he was there to see a person named on the buildings address directory and went right past security and into high rise offices.

Richardson says with Hubbard’s picture now being circulated and put on social media his phone continues to ring with multiple police agencies and even those from out of state calling in. Hubbard, for now, isn’t going anywhere he is in county jail with his bail set at a half-million dollars.