SHOCKING VIDEO: Man Brandishes, Licks Knife in Apparent Road Rage Incident in Long Beach

Ameera Butt
June 26, 2019 - 7:45 am

YouTube/Greg Danner


It was cell phone footage recorded by a bystander between two cars caught in an apparent road rage incident in Long Beach Monday.

A man, named Greg Danner, posted the video on YouTube showing a man in a minivan who is yelling at two other men in a car next to him. At one point he gets out of his minivan and brandishes the knife at the two other men.

He can also be seen licking the knife sitting in his car.

Danner starts recording again after the man in the minivan approaches him, walking, on the sidewalk.  He posts on the YouTube video that he was trying to AirDrop the footage to the men in the car, who had asked him for it. He writes the knife wielding man yells "you didn't see what happened!"

Anyone with information should contact the Long Beach Police Department. 

Watch the video below from Greg Danner: (warning: graphic content and language):