The 3 Teams That Have Discussed a Josh Rosen Trade With the Cardinals

April 25, 2019 - 1:31 pm

BOSTON (WEEI) -- One of the biggest stories surrounding the NFL Draft has been Josh Rosen's status with the Arizona Cardinals.

With Arizona rumored to be targeting Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick, it seems only sensible for the Cardinals to explore trading Rosen. They've even left him off promotional videos, an obvious sign he's being shopped.

But according to preeminent NFL insider Adam Schefter, there's a strong chance Rosen remains in Arizona, no matter how awkward the situation may be. In an interview Thursday with "Mut & Callahan," Schefter said the Cardinals aren't close to trading their 2018 first-round pick, and reported the New England Patriots haven't even inquired about him.

"I do know the story; I am not holding back. They do not have a trade, or anything close to a trade," Schefter said. "The only two teams they've spoken to over the last month have been the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants -- period. End of story. They have not talked to the Patriots.

"They did speak to the Chargers at one point maybe a month ago, but they are not interested at this time. The Dolphins haven't had contact with the Cardinals in days. The Giants, I believe, want to see how and where this draft unfolds before they would make a move. I'm telling you, they do not have a deal in place for Josh Rosen. I'm telling you, I am not holding back a single thing. There's no deal in place. If there was a team that wanted Josh Rosen that badly, they would've traded for him on April 1 so he could go through the offseason program in the new offense and get familiar with that. Doesn't that make sense?"

There is precedent with teams carrying two starting-caliber quarterbacks, including the Patriots, who held both Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo for the 2016 and some of the 2017 campaign. With that history in mind, Schefter says he doesn't think the Cardinals are in a hurry to deal Rosen for anything less than a second-round selection, meaning he could stay in the desert for the season.

"I do see Arizona open to the idea -- as awkward as it might be -- of carrying him the way the Cowboys once carried Troy Aikman and Steve Walsh, the way the 49ers carried Joe Montana and Steve Young," Schefter said. "We've seen this happen where teams can carry quarterbacks. Maybe there's an injury this summer, maybe some quarterback gets in trouble, maybe somebody gets into a situation where there's a scenario you didn't envision unfolding, and they say, 'Let's go trade a "two" for Josh Rosen.' But Arizona isn't in a rush to give him away. There hasn't been a whole lot of interest in him up until now. That could change the moment the first round unfolds, but they absolutely do not have a deal in place."

In addition to Rosen's rookie struggles, there are also questions about his attitude and leadership abilities. Schefter said he can't imagine the Patriots showing interest, unless he comes at an extreme discount.

"Again, Arizona is going to want a 'two,' and I don't see New England giving up a 'two.' I don't think that's where they were on the guy last year," he said. "Could their feelings change one year later? I guess, but that's not something I foresee New England pursuing. Now, if Arizona wanted a sixth- or seventh-round pick, would New England be interested? Maybe they'd kick it around. But Arizona isn't going to do that, so it's a moot point."

Overall, Schefter doesn't seem that bullish on the Patriots picking up a quarterback early in the draft.

"We seem to have done this in many years, where we talk about New England at the back of the first round. 'This will be the year they take a quarterback; this will be the year they take a quarterback; which quarterback are they going to take?'" Schefter explained. "And every year, it comes and goes. I won't be surprised at all if they take a quarterback, but I don't see a quarterback at No. 32 on a team that, even though it's the defending world champion, still has as many holes as this one does.

"The backup QB is not a big hole right now for a team that has more draft capital than any other team. They're going to take a quarterback when there's value at quarterback, and that's not going to be at the end of Round 1."

By Alex Reimer