Governor Walz Makes Unannounced Stop at George Floyd Memorial Site in Minneapolis

"I don’t think we get another chance to fix this in the country"

Al Schoch
June 03, 2020 - 11:50 am

    Gov. Tim Walz went to south Minneapolis early Wednesday morning to visit the site where George Floyd died in police custody on May 25.

    Sporting a black cap and maroon jacket, both items University of Minnesota gear, while wearing a protective mask to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, Walz showed up practically unannounced in bright sunshine.

    “I think it’s for me, I have to personally and viscerally feel this,” Walz told Omar Jiminez, the CNN reporter who was arrested along with his crew last Friday while they were doing a live shot in the third precinct the morning while the nearby police station continued to burn.

    Walz did offer an apology to Jiminez during his visit.

    “It’s very mixed emotions, very hard,” said Walz, noting that it’s difficult meeting mothers only because their sons have died.

    “I don’t think we get another chance to fix this in the country, I really don’t,” Walz said. “Being at the heart of this and seeing the community’s pain so viscerally, this is going to have to be that change we look for.”

    Floyd died after he was pinned to the pavement by Minneapolis police officers, one officer pressing his knee to his neck. That officer is charged with third-degree murder after he and the three others at the scene were fired.  Authorities have ruled the death a homicide.

    Since then, mourners have brought flowers, signs, and photographs to the intersection of 38th and Chicago, the flowers now lining two sides of the Cup Food Store building. There’s a floral display surrounding the exact spot where Floyd was held to the ground, his silhouette painted on the street along with his words that were heard on a cellphone video: “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”

    There are also two concentric circles of flowers in the square where the two streets intersect. It was inside these circles where several dozen protesters staged a peaceful sit-in during the Sunday-to-Monday curfew to mark one week since Floyd’s death. No one was arrested during that demonstration.

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