Criminal Probe Opened Into Downtown LA Explosion

Tarrah Gibbons
May 18, 2020 - 12:11 pm

    A criminal probe investigation was launched Sunday by officials into a Saturday explosion at a hash oil manufacturer in downtown LA that left 12 firefighters injured.

    The site of the of the explosion was a warehouse for SmokeTokes, which Capt. Erik Scott described as a supplier for makers of “butane honey oil," according to a story from the Associated Press.

    The site of the explosion was confirmed by other media including the Los Angeles Times.

    The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working with fire investigators, according to the AP story. An LAFD Captain says 6 firefighters remain hospitalized in stable condition & 5 have been discharged following Saturday’s fiery explosion downtown.

    According to Fox News. the Saturday explosion melted firefighters' helmets and set their coats on fire.

    According to the city's fire department, firefighters had to go inside the building and climb onto the roof to try and knock the blaze. Suddenly, officials say they had to run for their lives as flames busted out of the building and scorched a fire truck across the street.

    Captain Erik Scott of the Los Angeles fire department reported that all 11 responders suffered burn injuries and were taken to the hospital; three are in critical condition. Scott told reporters at the scene that all of the firefighters are expected to survive.

    Scott added that some firefighters fleeing the scene were on fire and had to take off their protective equipment and leave it on the sidewalk. Officials also report that melted helmets were found as well.

    "There was a significant explosion that caused a mayday report. This upgraded to a major emergency category," Scott said. "The good news is everybody's going to make it."

    He shared that firefighters had the fire out in just over two hours.

    When the explosion ended, first responders at the scene called for extra help. More than 230 firefighters responded to the scene.

    On Sunday, it was reported by CBS News that 11 firefighters stayed overnight at the hospital. Four of them were placed in the intensive burn care unit and 2 required ventilators.

    The twelfth injured firefighter was treated and released on Saturday.

    By Sunday morning, three of the firefighters were released from the hospital while 8 remained at the location. 2 are in critical but stable condition.

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