Teacher Missing Since May After Self-Quarantining for COVID-19

Maya Rajamani
July 01, 2020 - 1:05 pm

    A Connecticut teacher who disappeared while he was self-quarantining for COVID-19 symptoms in May has now been missing for nearly two months, according to a report.

    Gil Cunha, 50, self-isolated in a room at his parents’ home in West Haven, Connecticut at the beginning of May after he started to experience COVID-19 symptoms, NBC News reported.

    But when Cunha’s mother checked in on him on the morning of May 7, she discovered that he was gone. Cunha’s cousin said it “wasn’t unusual for (him) to go out for a walk,” the outlet reported, citing a Dateline interview.

    “But when he didn’t return later that day, (his mother) knew something was wrong,” his cousin said. “He wouldn’t just take off without contacting his family.”

    Cunha’s driver’s license was missing, but all of his other belongings were still in the room, his cousin said.

    The teacher had been working for the West Haven Public School system up until the pandemic hit, according to the outlet. A number of searches have been conducted since he disappeared, to no avail so far.

    “We just feel as though we have exhausted our local efforts at this point,” a second cousin told Dateline, according to NBC News. “We’re hoping by spreading the word, someone who knows something will come forward with information. We just want to bring him home.”

    Cunha was last seen wearing a grey and blue windbreaker and a red bandana over his nose and mouth, according to the outlet.

    Anyone with information about his whereabouts has been asked to contact the West Haven Police Department at 203-937-3900.

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