Puppy Gets Head Stuck Inside Tire - But This Ends Happily

KNX 1070
January 23, 2020 - 10:34 am
 Riverside County Animal Services

Riverside County Animal Services


It's a sight that you won't see very often,  but there was a happy ending in Riverside County after a puppy got her head stuck in a spare tire.

"The unfortunate situation is the dog could not be pulled through. we usually use cooking oil to slip the dog through but the dog's neck was somewhat swelled so that was impossible," John Welsh with Riverside County Animal Services told KNX 1070 News.

The puppy was eventually sedated and firefighters from Riverside County Fire were able to cut a piece in the wheel to make for an easier rescue. 

Within a few moments, the three-month-old Australian cattle dog was freed from the spare tire.