Police Search for Suspect in Westfield Century City Mall Shooting

Ameera Butt
January 21, 2020 - 8:12 am

LAPD detectives are continuing to gather evidence from a deadly shooting at the Westfield Century City Mall that began with an argument inside a restaurant.

The shooting happened Monday night and the police are searching for the suspected gunman. 

Police arrived to the scene and found a man fatally shot, who later died.

KNX reporter Jon Baird reports the police were tracking "a blood trail through the mall in a circular fashion."  

LAPD Lt John Radtke says the police are trying to find more physical evidence to track down the suspect.

"There was ome sort of verbal altercation that  escalated to some females having a fight, that later spilled out the restaurant to possibly some men having a fight and then at one point, a member of that group armed himself with a firearm  and he chased the victim around the outside of the mall and shot him multiple times

A detective for the LAPD says the fatal shooting at the mall started with an argument between two groups of people inside Javier's Restaurant, which spilled outside the restaurant.

The groups of people had at least 10 people in each group.