Patients to be Allowed Back into UCI Medical Center ER Soon after Reports of Smoke

July 23, 2019 - 7:53 am

There was a big scare for patients at an Orange County hospital early Tuesday morning.

Patients are soon expected to be allowed back into the emergency room at UCI Medical Center in the city of Orange early Tuesday morning after smoke billowed through the ER forcing the evacuation of 75 people. 

Spokesman John Murray tells KNX that the alert was raised shortly after 2 am:

"The smoke was caused by smoke leaking from a pump in the basement, a vacuum pump," he said.

There were no injuries and he says there was no fire. An investigation is underway into the faulty pump.

John Murray of UCI Medical Center in the city of Orange tells KNX a pump failed near the emergency room:

"At approximately 2:10 am smoke was detected in the basement below the emergency department at UCI Medical Center. our facilities crew responded, determined there was no fire. Our emergency department staff began to evac patients," he said.

Seventy-five patients were moved out and are now being cared for elsewhere.

Cleaning is now underway and the ER remains closed with ambulances being diverted to nearby hospitals.