OC Reports Highest 1-Day Death Toll, 354 New COVID-19 Cases Today

Ameera Butt
June 24, 2020 - 12:38 pm

    Orange County updated its latest numbers for COVID-19 Wednesday.

    There are 354 new COVID-19 cases reported and reported 26 new deaths today, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency online.

    There are 11,016 cumulative cases including deaths and 299 deaths to date, the OC Health Care Agency reported.

    There were 363 cases currently hospitalized including ICU cases and 145 cases in the ICU.

    OC Health Care Agency clarified the 26 deaths on Twitter saying it wasn't 26 people who lost their lives today.

    The Orange County Health Care Agency said on Twitter: "While this is the highest number of deaths reported in one day, we’d like to remind the community that the deaths reported to us today does NOT mean 26 individuals lost their lives today. A concentrated effort was made to compare death certificates received from the County Office of Vital Records to existing cases in the State’s CalREDIE reporting system, resulting in the confirmation of 26 new deaths."

    After Gov. Newsom mandated a statewide mask policy on June 18, the OC Sheriff said he wouldn't enforce it. Gov. Newsom announced today he would withhold funding from California counties who don't heed COVID-19 rules.

    OC also dropped its requirement to wear masks in public earlier this month.

    Meanwhile, in Los Angeles County cases are upwards of 88,000 COVID-19 cases and more than 3,100 deaths.