Newsom Blasts PG&E for 'Unacceptable' Planned Shutdowns

Rebekah Sager
October 14, 2019 - 5:36 pm



Gov. Gavin Newsom is furious with Pacific Gas & Electric. The governor is threatening sanctions and insisting the utility company pay rebates to customers who lost power during last week’s planned shutdowns, affecting more than 700,000 customers across Northern California and the Bay Area.

“Californians should not pay the price for decades of PG&E’s greed and neglect,” Newson said in a letter to PG&E’s PG&E CEO, Bill Johnson, Monday. 

Newsom said that the company should give rebates of $100 to residential customers and $250 to business customers impacted by the planned outages.

“The scope, scale, complexity, and overall impact to people’s lives, businesses, and the economy of this action cannot be understated,” PUC President Marybel Batjer said in a letter sent to Johnson on Monday. “Failures in execution, combined with the magnitude of this power shutoff event, created an unacceptable situation that should never be repeated.”