NCAA Releases Plan for Student-Athletes to Return to Campus for Training

Rebekah Sager
May 30, 2020 - 11:06 am

The NCAA released a plan Friday to bring student-athletes back to campuses. USC and UCLA have yet to announce when student-athletes will return to campus for workouts. 

The "Resocialization of Collegiate Sports: Action Plan Considerations" was announced as schools across the country prepare for the return of football players as early as the first week of June. 

“There's not a universal, easy fit guidance like that,” Dr. Brian Hainline, the chief medical officer for the NCAA said according to NBC News 4. “Even when we speak with epidemiologist who are doing mathematical modeling and so forth, we just aren't there yet."

Last week, the NCAA Division 1, voted to lift a moratorium on athletic activities starting June 1, enabling voluntary training sessions at team facilities.

The Pac-12 Conference announced recently it would allow workouts to begin as soon as June 15.

The revenue earned from football at Division 1 schools is more than all the sports put together -- approximately 85% of USC's projected revenue comes from football, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

”If you cancel the football season, the entire business model of most athletic departments would crumble,” Paul Swangard, marketing consultant and longtime instructor of sports brand strategy at Oregon told The Los Angeles Times. “Everyone knew the issues that come with being so reliant on such a cash cow, but nobody had a scenario in which it goes away. So now everyone is trying to get it back.”

Although schools need to have testing and surveillance plans on the ready, the new guidelines do not include testing all athletes for COVID-19 upon arrival.