A Different Mountain Lion Cornered, Tranquilized in Simi Valley

Ameera Butt
December 12, 2019 - 6:38 am

A mountain lion has been caught and tranquilized in Simi Valley on Thursday morning.

Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife cornered the animal, who was reportedly snacking on a raccoon.

This mountain lion is different from the one spotted last week, which also killed one dog. That mountain lion is wearing a tracking collar, this one was not.

This mountain lion was spotted in the area on Thursday morning. Simi Valley Police Department said in a press release to "Be on alert in the area of Belburn Pl. / Broadmoor Ave. / Bancock St. South of Alamo."

The department had said the cat was in a backyard and told people to be vigilant when going outside with pets.

The Department of Fish and Game is in the area, the department said.

A  mountain lion, which has killed one dog and attacked another, was spotted twice last week.

At around 1 a.m. last Friday, it was reported the mountain lion was prowling around on a sidewalk around the corner from the earlier incident.

Pumbaa, the dog, was killed by the mountain lion on Thursday morning. Pumbaa's owner tried to pry the dog out of the mountain lion's jaws last Thursday.

KNX 1070 handout from Channel 2/KNX 1070
KNX 1070 handout from Channel 2/KNX 1070

Simi Valley Police said "there have multiple reports of a Mountain Lion in the area of Evening Sky. Please make sure your animals are indoors."

The police department said that the mountain lion was seen by residents in the Pawnee Court and Seneca Place neighborhoods.

Simi Valley Police and Ventura County Animal Control officers along with a Ventura County Sherriff's helicopter checked the surrounding areas, but no animal was located. Authorities believe the animal fled back into the hillsides north of residential developments.

The Simi Valley Police Department said it would like to remind the community that wildlife can be dangerous if corned or confronted.

Please contact Ventura County Animal Control or the Simi Valley Police Department for assistance if you see the animal.