LA Mayor Says There is No Curfew for Los Angeles

Ameera Butt
June 04, 2020 - 12:05 pm

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced there will be no curfew for Los Angeles starting tonight.

“Angelenos are rallying around powerful and peaceful demonstrations against racial injustice,” said Mayor Garcetti in a press release. “We remain committed to protecting the right of all people to make their voices heard and ensuring the safety of protesters, businesses, residents, families, and our entire community.”

The announcement comes after days of curfew in place for the city of LA - the latest on Wednesday, which began at 9 p.m.

Garcetti said during a Wednesday night briefing if things went well Wednesday, curfew will be lifted Thursday.

During the briefing, he said he was happy to see that all four police officers in Minneapolis will be charged - news that broke earlier on Wednesday.

"It's the beginning of justice," Garcetti said.

There had been two nights of protests outside his official residence The Getty House in the Hancock Park neighborhood of LA, which ended up being peaceful.

Protests have been happening across LA County in response to the police killing of George Floyd who died at the hands of a white Minneapolis officer last week. Protests, anger and sadness over police injustice and brutality have spread in major cities across the country in the last week. Other cities like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica have their own curfews in place.

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday that a citywide curfew will go into effect from 6 p.m. through 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

During a Tuesday night briefing, he asked a 16-year-old high school student to talk about his experience as a black youth.

"Give the voice on the evening news to a young black male Angeleno," Garcetti said. 

The Mayor's office said in a press release there are exceptions in place for emergency responders, people going to and from work, and anyone traveling to and from participating in voting.

“The focus needs to stay on taking down systemic racism and ending senseless violence against Black men and women — and we can’t let a small number of people hijack that movement by destroying property and looting,” said Mayor Garcetti. “We are keeping the curfew in place tonight to protect everyone’s safety and help our first responders keep the peace.”

He stressed people should "obey the law and go home" during the curfew times. On Monday after a day of protests across major cities in the state, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a citywide curfew for Los Angeles that would go into effect on Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. 

"We're throwing everything we have at maintaining the peace and we're going to throw everything we have on promoting justice and nobody out there need pick between those two," Garcetti said Monday afternoon.

As he stated on Sunday, the COVID-19 testing site at Dodgers stadium will remain open Tuesday but other testing sites will be closed because volunteers haven't offered to come back to oversee the testing sites.

Echoing Newsom and his stern words, Garcetti said to the people acting criminally and destroying property and stealing "we see you and the police will arrest you."

"We see you and thank you. The city is stronger because of you," he said of the protesters.

Moore says close to 700 arrests made last night, about 10 percent for burglary/looting.

"We didn't have people mourning the death of this man, George Floyd, we had people capitalizing. His death is on their hands, as much as it is those officers," Moore said.

Minutes later, Moore said he misspoke the statement above. Moore said the criminal acts "do not serve the enormity of his (George Floyd) loss and cannot be in his memory."

The curfew requires people within LA to stay indoors tonight, starting at 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday. There is an identical curfew in effect across Los Angeles County.

“The focus needs to stay on taking down systemic racism and ending senseless violence against Black men and women — and we can’t let a small number of people hijack that movement by putting lives in danger and destroying property,” said Mayor Garcetti in a press release. “We are keeping the curfew in place tonight to protect everyone’s safety and help our first responders keep the peace.”

On Sunday, Garcetti announced a second city-wide curfew beginning tonight at 8 p.m. overnight - the same as the previous overnight one Saturday night. 

He has also deployed the National Guard to LA. On Sunday morning Garcetti gave an update to Los Angeles saying "the rage must not consume us. It cannot be turned back on us."

"When times demand it, strong steps are required to bring peace back to our city," he said. 

He gave an update after images of burning cars and looting filled the screens Saturday night in Los Angeles as protesters voiced their frustrations at the police and the injustice against George Floyd's death. 

"We must not allow any who feast on chaos, who hunger for division and want to replace peaceful protest with images of a nation coming apart - we must not let them win," Garcetti said. "Let's be clear Black Lives Matter." 

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said there were about 400 arrests made Saturday. Five officers were hurt. Two were hospitalized. One suffered a fractured skull.

He also addressed the closure of all COVID-19 testing sites Saturday because he said the volunteers who were staffing the centers did not feel safe. Garcetti said some locations will remain closed Monday. He also said the testing site at Dodgers stadium will remain open as will the walk-up location in South LA on Monday.

Clean up began in the Fairfax District and in downtown LA Sunday morning after a day of unrest and protests that spread across Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd last week at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

The Mayor of LA tweeted that "city teams were deployed early this morning to the Downtown and Fairfax areas to clean up our streets."

"We are all working together to keep the city we all love clean and safe," The Mayor tweeted.