BREAKING: Long Beach Police Officer 'Relieved' of Job Over Bloody Protest Photos Posted to Instagram

Rebekah Sager
June 06, 2020 - 8:38 am

A Long Beach police officer is “relieved from employment,” according to the department after photos of him standing over a pool of blood, holding a baton were found posted on social media. 

“Our organization is dedicated to our community and we must build upon the relationships we have while continuing to develop and foster new relationships,” Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said in a statement. “We hold our employees to the highest standards and will not ignore behavior that erodes public trust.”

The photos, which can be seen here on Buzzfeed, are of officer Jacob Delgado, who allegedly posted the pictures of himself on his personal Instagram account while heading to the demonstrations. 

Buzzfeed reported that it was not clear where Delgado was during the protests but was one of the officers sent in to clear away looters.

Delgado deleted the picture from his Instagram story, but not before one of his siblings picked up the image and added a caption of his own, "Bro getting his," according to Buzzfeed.