KNX EXCLUSIVE: LAPD Chief on Protests in LA Over George Floyd's Death, Addresses His Controversial Remarks

Ameera Butt
June 03, 2020 - 4:06 pm

LAPD Chief Michel Moore joined KNX In-Depth Wednesday afternoon to talk about the protests over George Floyd's death in Los Angeles, charges brought against all four police officers involved in Floyd's death and remarks he made earlier this week he had to correct.

He said the protests across LA are calming down adding the violence and looting that was seen earlier on has abated quite a bit. 

Moore recounted how he regrets the remarks he made on looting and equating it to the death of George Floyd during a Monday afternoon briefing alongside Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Moore recounted how he corrected his comments immediately during the briefing saying "it was a terrible choice of words." 

In the days since, there have been calls for his resignation.


"As I stepped back onto the podium and said I regret those remarks I did not mean how it sounded. It was a terrible choice of words. My effort was not to join together the act of murder of Geoge Floyd that was at the hands of police officers," Moore said. "Those officers are responsible for his murder. However, at the same time, there are those involved in violence whether it be attacking officers, burning buildings, looting, that their justification for it, that those actions were wrong. And when I recognize now is that by getting that conversation as I did unscripted without time for reflection, just spontaneously, was a terrible disservice to the city, to the men and women that are out protecting the communities, trying to serve all of Los Angeles and also most importantly facilitate these current demonstrations, facilitate the lawful and peaceful efforts of thousands of Americans that see the injustices, that recognize racism and the need and cause for police reform, which I agree with..." Moore said.

He said he is hopeful he can get back to the important work. 

"My interest is entirely that we facilitate and maintain the safety of the protests and these gatherings and that we also find opportunities to identify with these individuals, folks that are providing their opinion, their position and that we see each other and hear each other," Moore said.

"Our opposition is to violence," he said. "The opposition has to be to protect both the protests and the rights of demonstrators as well as to protect businesses and communities that are seeing a terrible infliction, terrible times of violence and both can and will exist and I hope that's what we get back to, to that conversation." 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Garcetti told KNX reporter Claudia Peschiutta that "When I heard him say what he said, I knew he did not mean that...I'm glad he quickly corrected it and...further apologized as well."

It is the fourth day of curfews in LA County and the city of Los Angeles. Both the city and county of LA have mandated curfews for the last four nights so far. Other cities like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica have their own curfews in place.

Protests have been happening across LA County in response to the police killing of George Floyd who died at the hands of a white Minneapolis officer last week. Protests, anger and sadness over police injustice and brutality have spread in major cities across the country in the last week.  There were also protesters outside Mayor Eric Garcetti's official residence in Hancock Park neighborhood Tuesday afternoon right before the mandatory 6 p.m. LA and LA County curfew.

As of Wednesday, all four officers at the scene of George Floyd's death have had charges brought against them - and ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin had charges upgraded against him. 

"I look forward to justice in his death," Moore said in response to the four officers all being charged as of Wednesday. "I was horrified when I saw the video. I was disgusted to see the actions of those officers....To see it was disturbing and also the information I released and the statements I made as well as law enforcement leaders across the country, as well as rank and file organizations, didn't distance. It said 'that was wrong' and I think that does demonstrate some progress over time, but not enough. The fact that it even happen, it never should have happened."