LA City Council to Tackle Emergency Ordinance on Eviction and Rent Control

KNX 1070
October 15, 2019 - 10:13 am

Rental tenants and advocates here to urge lawmakers to pass an emergency ordinance to prevent no-fault evictions and steep rent increases ahead of state rent control legislation taking effect in January.

The LA City Council is set to ask the city attorney today to draw up an emergency ordinance to stop landlords from evicting people or jacking up the rent before statewide rent control kicks in.

People say landlords have already started evicting people in advance of the new state law which takes effect January 1st. 

That limits rent increases to five percent plus inflation for the next decade and prevents tenants from being evicted without documented lease violations once they’ve lived somewhere for a year.

But in the meantime, landlords can still remove tenants without cause.

Some landlords though say it's not fair especially if they’ve been charging below-market rates.