LA City Attorney Mike Feuer says he's Considering Suing FAA Over Noise from Planes at Burbank Airport

Ameera Butt
May 17, 2019 - 12:40 pm



Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says he's now considering suing the Federal Aviation Administration if it doesn't take steps soon to reduce the increasing noise caused by planes taking off and landing at Hollywood-Burbank Airport.

The Daily News reported Feuer made that pledge at a meeting of about 200 people who live near the airport this week. The people have been saying the noise is really hurting their quality of life including in Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City and Burbank.

Feuer was on the KNX In-Depth show Friday and said "we are exploring every means we can to try to address this significant issue that affecting San Fernando Valley residents."

It could be litigation, it could be something short of that, he said.

"A fundamental goal is to disperse the air traffic that has gotten too concentrated over their houses," he said.

There have been tens of thousands of complaints from residents underneath the new flight patterns in the Valley, he said.

"The FAA and the airport have received that huge quantity of the concerns," he said. "What appears to be happening there are more aircraft than ever flying in a more concentrated way than ever esp south of the 101 freeway to and from Burbank airport and when they fly above the Santa Monica mountains, for example, it has a more intense effect because the distance between the houses that are on the hillsides and those airplanes is less than the distance between the flat areas in the Valley and those airplanes." 

Feuer said it's a problem both during the night and during the day.