KNX Hero of the Week: MarieClaire Moulet

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November 21, 2019 - 11:18 am
MarieClaire Moulet

Sometimes, animals in shelters have a hard time finding a forever-home, because former abuse or isolation has made them fearful or anxious. That's where our KNX Hero of the Week steps in, giving impounded dogs the love and socialization they need for a better chance at adoption. 

At the Pasadena Humane Society, MarieClaire Moulet is a very special volunteer.

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"I love to talk about MarieClaire, and all the great work she does. She's spectacular!" says PHS Vice President of Communications, Jack Hagerman. 

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"We have so many dedicated volunteers here. But, there's this group of people who've been coming for years, and they just feel a part of our fabric, and MarieClaire is definitely a part of our fabric. I could be walking through the kennels, at any given moment of the day, and I'll see her sitting on the ground, and I'll hear this little voice, 'Hi Jack!' And, she's down with one of our wallflowers." 

Hagerman explains that a wallflower is a shy or fearful animal that gets special attention so it can gain confidence and trust in people. Volunteers work with the animals seven days a week, for several hours at a time. MarieClaire is one of those volunteers, who has a special presence that allows her to make those special connections. 

"Sometimes, all you can do, because they are so scared and so shy, is just sit in the kennel with them, and wait until they come to you," explains MarieClaire, about the dogs. "It's amazing the progress they make!" 

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MarieClaire also takes dogs on field trips. She'll even take them hiking. Eventually, the dogs become less fearful, and for many it helps them find their forever-family. 

For MarieClaire, that is everything. "I feel like I have a purpose, I mean something."

"I mean, she's a hero to us," says Hagerman. "Everybody here loves her. But, she has been a hero to literally, hundreds of pets that have been able to find loving homes, forever. And the work that she does is so important, getting them socialized to a place where they can be successful in someone's home. And it's in the hundreds, we're talking about hundreds of animals that she's touched." 

MarieClaire Moulet's dedication and compassion to help shelter animals find their forever homes is unmatched, and that is why she has been named our KNX Hero of the Week!

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KNX Heroes is presented by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes! 

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Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio. ​