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November 27, 2019 - 11:29 am
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This time of year, we tend to focus on giving, and helping others. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week is an Orange County native who demonstrates that on a regular basis, while volunteering at a local food kitchen.

As part of her volunteer work, Alma Diaz teaches the under-served how to create a healthier lifestyle. Alma works with the UCI Family Health Center in Santa Ana, and she spends her off-time helping patients and community members at the clinic's food pantry. 

"The first Saturday of every month, we provide vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks," says Alma. 

The soon-to-be mother of four also teaches people battling chronic sickness, like diabetes and high blood pressure, how to prepare more nutritional and cost-effective meals.

"We have a teaching kitchen," explains Alma. "We have a healthy cooking demonstration, with the goal of making [home-cooking] affordable and efficient for all of our patients."

While Alma may not admit it, her peers say she's monumental in the clinic's success.

"She's really, I would say, the heart and soul of a lot of the community programming that we have going on," says Dr. Shea Suskin, who oversees the Santa Ana Family Health Center.

She says Alma is a trusted liaison, who goes past her job duties to make sure patients and community members get the care they need.

"It's really her personal relationships with the patients that help us elevate the level of care that we're providing. So, we rely on her a lot," says Dr. Suskin. "It's really hard to find people like [Alma]. She's so self-motivated, has a ton of energy, and just wants to serve the patients. 

Born and raised in Southern California, Alma says she values the opportunity to give back to her community. 

"Sometimes, you know... you just have to be able to give a little, to receive more. I'm very grateful I'm able to be part of it, and help somebody in need," says Alma. 

A hero to the under-served. We are recognizing Alma Diaz as our KNX Hero of the Week! 

KNX Heroes is presented by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes!

Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio.