KNX-In-Depth Exclusive: Mayor Garcetti Fills One of LA's Many Egregious Potholes

July 12, 2019 - 1:18 pm

Hosts of the In-Depth podcast, Charles Feldman and Mike Simpson, have been complaining to Mayor Eric Garcetti about a particularly egregious pothole since 2013. 

Last year, outside of the KNX studios the street opened up due to a broken water pipe. The damage caused the street to flood with water, a sinkhole was created temporarily, and after a few months, and some city repairs the pothole went from annoying to seriously damaging to cars rolling over it. 

The street has now been reconstructed, and not simply resurfaced, according the mayor. 

This week, work began on the pothole, and Friday the mayor himself arrived to shovel a bit of gravel onto the area. It was a great photo-op and barring another quake, the newly repaired street corner should be fine. 

The mayor says residents need to call 311 to alert city officials about potholes.

If you'd like to see our Program Director pitching in to help, see the video below.