Investigation Re-opens over Nazi Salute in Garden Grove after New Videos Emerge

Rebekah Sager
August 21, 2019 - 9:36 am

On Tuesday, Garden Grove Unified School District officials announced they are reopening an investigation into a Nazi salute during an off-campus event.

The investigation entails a group of Pacifica High School students. 

Angry parents lashed out at a school board meeting in Garden Grove last night after learning about new videos of high school students giving the Nazi salute while marching with a German flag.

There were extra police on hand for the meeting Tuesday night as parents vented.

Some said they were never told about the first video either. 

It all started when some members of the Pacifica High Water polo team were allegedly seen in a video giving the Nazi salute and singing a German song.

School officials have reopened their investigation now that three more videos have surfaced showing students on school ground allegedly giving Nazi salutes, wrapping themselves in a Confederate flag and making Nazi salutes while marching with a German flag.

Parents are clearly upset.

A student at a Garden Grove high school uploaded a video to Instagram last year showing a group of students giving a Nazi salute and singing a Nazi song during an awards ceremony. 

The video captures about 10 boys from the Pacifica High School water polo team displaying a salute used to greet Adolf Hitler. The song, written by German composer Herms Niel during the rise of Hitler was played to inspire German troops during WW II following the fall of the Hird Reich. 

Although the student who posted the video to Instagram has since removed it, the Garden Grove Unified School district responded with the below statement:

“While the district cannot comment on student discipline, the school did address this situation with all involved students and families,” the spokesperson told the Daily Beast. “The district adheres to strong policies about harassment and cultural sensitivity, and we condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all forms. We remain focused on educating students about cultural sensitivity and are committed to holding students accountable, educating them on the consequences of their choices, and the impact these actions have on our schools and community at large.”


One student and a parent told the Daily Beast that as far as they knew the school administration never addressed the video and were not sure the student has been disciplined. 

In March, high school students in OC were suspended after setting up a game of beer pong with the cups forming a swastika.