Insane Video: Need a Drone that uses a Flamethrower? It Exists

Ameera Butt
July 19, 2019 - 9:50 am

ThrowFlame Press Kit Online


You've seen drones zoom around festivals, concerts, really anywhere.

How about a drone with a flamethrower?

A company called ThrowFlame has introduced the TF-19 WASP Drone Flamethrower attachment, which has a range of 25 feet, a gallon of fuel capacity and weighs four pounds.

The video below shows the flamethrower, which can withstand both cold and hot conditions, deliver more than a minute and a half of continuous firing time. 

The TF-19 WASP Drone Flamethrower can eliminate pests and ignite remote vegetation, according to the video.

The TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment costs almost $1,500.

On its website, the company said that in 2015, Throwflame released the first-ever full-sized commercially available flamethrower called the X15.

That flamethrower sends a stream of flaming fuel or napalm up to 50 feet.

The company says flamethrowers can be used for personal and commercial use including ground clearing or controlled agriculture burns, removing weeds, ice and snow melting and clearing.  products are designed for personal and commercial use.

The website says they are legal and legal to ship worldwide.