EVACUATION PREP: Cal Fire Recommends Being Ready with the 6 P's

Rebekah Sager
October 30, 2019 - 12:15 pm

As we're deep into fire season with fires blazing across the state, Cal Fire is reminding residents to remember the 6 P's.

1. People and pets. 

2. Papers, phone numbers and important documents. 

3. Prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses. 

4. Personal computers, hard drives and disks.

5. Plastic, credit cards, ATM cards and cash. 

6. Photos, and irreplaceable memorabilia. 


Put together your emergency supply kit long before a wildfire or other disaster occurs and keep it easily accessible so you can take it with you when you have to evacuate. Plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time. Each person should have a readily accessible emergency supply kit. Backpacks work great for storing these items (except food and water) and are quick to grab. Storing food and water in a tub or chest on wheels will make it easier to transport. Keep it light enough to be able to lift it into your car.


Three-day supply of non-perishable food and three gallons of water per person.

Map marked with at least two evacuation routes

Prescriptions or special medications

Change of clothing

Extra eyeglasses or contact lenses

An extra set of car keys, credit cards, cash or traveler’s checks

First aid kit


Battery-powered radio and extra batteries

Sanitation supplies

Copies of important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.)

Don’t forget pet food and water!

Items to take if time allows:

Easily carried valuables

Family photos and other irreplaceable items

Personal computer information on hard drives and disks

Chargers for cell phones, laptops, etc.

Always keep a sturdy pair of shoes and a flashlight near your bed and handy in case of a sudden evacuation at night.

For more information on emergency supplies, visit http://www.ready.gov/ .

If you're evacuating animals, and you live in Los Angeles, you can download the Evac-U-Pet to help find volunteers willing to help you evacuate your animals safely.