Cooper Rummell

Discord and Arguments Erupt over Bright Pink Emoji House in Manhattan Beach

August 07, 2019 - 8:19 am

(KNX 1070) - It's an emoji house.

Rather, it's a bright, hot pink colored house with two very expressive emoji's painted on the walls.

The house, in Manhattan Beach, is certainly turning heads.

Manhattan Beach residents lined up at the city council Tuesday night to blast the landlord who has painted two massive emojis on her property.

They say it has made the so-called Emoji House on 39th street is both an eyesore and a tourist attraction.

Some people like it, others hate it and neighbors are fighting about it.

Another resident says the landlord put the emoji's on the pink house after neighbors tipped off the city that she was using the home as a short-term rental, and got a $4,000 city fine.

The landlord denies that. And the current tenant of the home tells CBS-2 he is just enjoying the ocean view and not taking sides in the controversy.

The city planning commission is expected to take a closer look at the residential mural ordinance later this month.

The house, which is in the city's El Porto area, used to be painted in neutral colors.

But a property dispute prompted the owner to re-paint it a bright-pink with the emoji's.

One resident says the owner is “sending a message” to neighbors who complained about the house being illegally used for short term rentals. Most of the neighbors are not amused.

The emoji house has two emoji's drawn on its walls: one has a zipper over its mouth, which usually means "be quiet" or "shut up," while the other emoji has long eyelashes and is sticking its tongue out.

Some residents said the house affects property values and affects them as people living in the neighborhood while others felt it could be "individualistic."

The city says its hands are tied in this case and there are no ordinances dictating which colors can be used to paint homes, according to KNX reporter Cooper Rummell.