Actor Danny Trejo Talks to KNX about His 51 Years of Sobriety

Ameera Butt
November 20, 2019 - 3:33 pm

Danny Trejo has appeared in some 250 TV shows and movies over the years, and now, he runs a chain of restaurants. 

But before all of that, Trejo was a drug addict, spending his days in and out of California prisons. 

Trejo tells KNX In-Depth about his 51 years of sobriety. He says he "kicked the habit" while in solitary confinement on Cinco de Mayo in 1968.  He was 24-years-old at the time.

He tells a story about a prison riot, and how he and some friends ended up with "gas-chamber offenses." 

Thursday, Trejo will speak at the California Community Opioid Conference in Anaheim, and share with guests his life-changing moments. 

"I just tell my story. A story of addiction. A story of redemption. And how you stay clean," Trejo says.

He says he still goes to12-Step meetings. He says he needs what he calls his "medication," aka his meetings, his steps, and good people around him. 

"There's no reason to use. You gotta' find a good excuse... alcohol and drugs are no longer fun for me. When I think about using drugs or alcohol, I think about showering with 50 men and guards yelling and screaming at you. I think about what really happens, not the instant release," he says. 

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